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Changchun FAW Fourth Ring procurement and supply Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, formerly known as Changchun FAW fourth ring material procurement and supply Co., Ltd., has been more than thirty years of history. The company is located in Changchun Jincheng Street cross-country road No. 369, the group of 410 factory buildings, covers an area of 1000 square meters, has completed the transformation of joint-stock enterprises, and in 2011 was China FAW Group Company as a key supporting enterprises restructuring.

China First Automobile Group Corporation as an important partner, the parts of our subsidiary belong to the FAW Group, the liberation of the company car company, Volkswagen and Fengyue company four host plants and host plants; for Fawer faway, a subsidiary under two or three kinds of material supply; FAW die center enterprise (general material), for the FAW technology center, FAW warranty center provides chemical products, auto parts, metal and non-metal materials etc.. Companies to meet the needs of users, has made the right to direct import and export business, to achieve global procurement. Long term cooperation with many manufacturers in China and Taiwan, and direct sales or agency of their products. At the same time with the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, South Korea and other countries of the company's business for the company to maintain a close relationship with the company's products and made a direct proxy.

In addition to providing a variety of goods, the company also provides users with a variety of technical services, product quality problem analysis, optimization of tools problems and design solutions, cutting tooling, product manufacturing, and can carry out the entrusted processing non-standard, automated production line design, installation, maintenance and other projects.

The company in order to ensure product supply, the company is equipped with the reserve staff car set 24 hours to provide services, to ensure timely delivery, accurate, so that customers can materials needed in the shortest time with.

Under the leadership of the company, under the correct guidance, in the company's continuous efforts, won the excellent service reputation and business reputation, accumulated a broad market and resources.

In 2004 passed the 9001-2000 ISO quality management system certification.

Direct import and export management right in 2005, to achieve global procurement. In the same year, the FAW Group Purchasing Department designated as the standard tool (abrasive) suppliers.

2006, by the FAW Group procurement department designated as the standard tool (imported Abrasives) suppliers.

2007, was designated by the FAW Group Purchasing Department (pneumatic, electric tools) suppliers.

2009, the company completed the reform of the shareholding system.

2011 was listed as the focus of China FAW Group corporation.

During the period from 2009 to 2013, the company was named outstanding supplier for five consecutive years.

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